Despite the major disruption the pandemic has caused for students, education leaders have an opportunity to re-imagine how strategies, like dual enrollment, can transform our systems and students’ lives. In Jumpstart: Setting Goals to Drive Equitable Dual Enrollment Participation in California’s Community Colleges, we analyze data from California’s community colleges to see if they are equitably serving Black, Native, and Latinx students through dual enrollment – and we find they are not yet doing so. This inequitable participation in dual enrollment is not just a challenge for community colleges to solve, this is also an opportunity for K-12 local education leaders to work to provide their students with more opportunities to graduate high school prepared to thrive in higher education.

In Jumpstart, we have shared a policy and practice agenda that we believe, both, K-12 and higher education leaders can and should implement. We take a look at the current landscape of dual enrollment to see who is participating in dual enrollment, especially Black, Latinx, and Native students. Fortunately, there are Community College districts that are equitably serving those students, and we take a closer look at their numbers.

This report was updated on May 31, 2022. Our overall findings are consistent with the initial release. However, Community College District’s equity scores have changed since the initial assignment. This update was necessary due to an update to the underlying CCC Data Mart source data, as well as a bug in our computation that is now resolved.

What is dual enrollment?

Dual enrollment is an opportunity that allows high school students to take college courses for credit, and has the potential to be a powerful lever for the success of California’s high school and postsecondary students.

Depending on the program, dual enrollment courses can be offered at high schools, college campuses, or online.

In-depth data from the report:

Our Recommendations for Jumpstarting Dual Enrollment in California:

The current influx of pandemic-related recovery funding provides a clear opportunity to strengthen dual enrollment offerings in the state–and it’s vital that those efforts target the students who are most impacted. “Jumpstart: A California Roadmap for Equitable Dual Enrollment Policy & Practice” highlights concrete actions that state policymakers, legislators, community college district leaders, and K-12 school district leaders can do to prioritize equity for their Black, Latinx, and Native American students. Endorsed by:

Join the growing movement of organizations and equity advocates who endorse the Jumpstart recommendations:

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