Empowering Learning for Students of Color & Multilingual Learners

Empowering students of color and multilingual learners is crucial to creating a more inclusive and equitable education system. Ensuring access to high-quality learning resources and culturally relevant curricula helps bridge educational gaps and fosters an environment where every California student can thrive.


What We We're Working On

Promoting Equitable and Engaging Math Learning
California is at a pivotal juncture where modernizing its math teaching approach is not just an option, but a necessity. As education advocates, we’re pushing for rigorous and culturally relevant math instruction in our state, with state guidance and support to ensure that students are appropriately placed and taught using research-backed and engaging teaching methods so that every learner thrives.

Expanding Ethnic Studies in California
We’re promoting a robust ethnic studies curriculum in California’s high schools. For over 20 years, students and educators have acknowledged the transformative power of ethnic studies. This curriculum not only captures diverse histories but also empowers students by affirming their identities, creating more inclusive school environments. As we near the state’s new 2030 ethnic studies graduation requirement, we’re advocating for quality standards and dedicated state support. Every student deserves to have their heritage and history recognized throughout their school journey.

Supporting Multilingual Learners
Since the 2017 inception of the California English Learner Roadmap (ELRM), we’ve tirelessly advocated for its full implementation and the need to celebrate the diversity, experiences, and assets of our multilingual students. Despite significant strides, disparities exist due to uneven state support. We’re pushing for robust infrastructure and strategic funding to ensure every English learner thrives in an equitable educational environment.

By the Numbers

In 2022-23, less than a quarter of English learners third graders met or exceeded the state’s math standards.

In 2022-23, nearly 2 million California students weren’t meeting grade-level math standards.

In San Francisco Unified, Ethnic Studies courses increased student engagement and improved the likelihood of graduating from high school and enrolling in college.

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