Data for the People

Data for the People

Year to year, millions of California children grow, learn, and develop in our state’s schools and colleges, moving into adulthood and the workforce without a full picture of whether the educational opportunities and supports they received helped guide them to a successful life.

Clear and accessible data is crucial to ensure education and workforce opportunities work for students and their communities, and all people in California.

California has allocated millions of dollars to start the process of creating a “Cradle to Career Data System.”

Where Are We Now?

California is just one of a handful of states without a statewide longitudinal data system. Without access to such a system, students, families, educators, policymakers, and the public lack critical information with which to evaluate programs and interventions, illuminate roadblocks and solutions, inform decision-making, and address equity gaps.

For over a decade, The Education Trust–West’s #Data4ThePeople campaign has been a statewide effort to ensure California builds a data system that is designed with achieving equity and the needs of students, parents, and families at the center.

California turned a corner in 2019 by clearing the path for a statewide longitudinal data system. Governor Gavin Newsom and state legislators allocated millions of dollars to start the process of creating a “Cradle to Career Data System.”

However, the work isn’t done! Advocates across California should stay involved and help ensure funding remains in the state budget for the data system to be designed and implemented so that communities and educators are empowered with the best information to highlight inequities and demand educational justice for our schools and colleges.

A Strong Cradle-To-Career Data System Must:

What You Can Do

Ed Trust–West resources are designed to support education equity advocates to take action. The student leaders, parent advocates, equity-minded teachers, faculty members, administrators, and community leaders who fight for students and families every day have a key role in ensuring #Data4ThePeople.

Here’s how you can get involved: 

Encourage Sacramento to Keep Equity in Mind
The investment of funding for a statewide longitudinal data system is a big win; now, it’s crucial that we build on this success by helping decisionmakers keep the best interests of California’s students in mind.

As the state longitudinal data system is developed, we recommend advocates remind key players keep five key equity principles in mind, all covered in detail in our latest infographic.
Stay Informed
As the state longitudinal data system is developed, we encourage advocates to stay connected with key players and share their thoughts on the data system. More information about the development process, workgroup and advisory group members, and upcoming committee meetings can be found here.
Organize a Data Equity Walk in Your Community
Data Equity Walks (DEWs) are powerful tools for advocates and communities across California. A DEW is a 45-90 minute activity for any size audience – high school and college students, teachers, district leaders, community members, or others – to engage with education data and discuss equity issues. Learn more and access tools to host your own Data Equity Walk.