Data can be a powerful tool for illuminating inequities and capitalizing on opportunities for students along their educational journeys. Governor Newsom and state legislators have prioritized the development of a statewide longitudinal data system. Now, it’s time to ensure community voices are incorporated at every step to keep the process grounded in equity.

As the development of the data system starts to unfold, we must ensure that equity sits at the center. Our new Data For The People Infographic outlines 5 key equity principles that should guide the development of a strong data system:

  • Using data to inform systemic, asset & equity-oriented change
  • Produce accessible, public-facing results and tools
  • Protect student privacy
  • Count all students and disaggregate data
  • Engage students and families

To truly ensure Data For The People, California’s data system must be developed with community involved in every step of the process. To learn more about the state longitudinal data system and find out ways to get involved in advocacy efforts, visit and join the conversation online using the hashtag #Data4ThePeople.