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Securing a more just and equitable education system in California is a monumental task, one that we will only achieve if we all work together. Education leaders need to hear from parents, students, communities, and coalitions from across the state who are actively invested in building a better, more equitable education system that sets all students up for success — regardless of race, class, or region. Join Ed Trust–West in this mission to boost educational outcomes, by expanding equity and prioritizing racial justice.

Below you’ll find a number of tools and resources you can use to better understand the challenges facing communities throughout the Golden State, and what Ed Trust–West is doing to help them conquer these challenges.

Advocate for Racial Justice

We've designed tools intended for school leaders, educators, parents, and other advocates to advance equity in their local communities.

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Your tax-deductible donations help us to continue to advance racial justice across California's education systems, and we greatly appreciate your support.

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Submit to our Research in Brief series to support uplifting P-16 education equity issues and perspectives in California.


Partner with Ed Trust–West’s Educator Engagement Team to increase equity, opportunity, and success for students.​

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