What We Do

Advocate for Bold Policies from Transitional Kindergarten to Higher Ed:
We strive for policy changes that draw on input from communities and educators, are impactful, strategic, and actively promote our mission at the local, regional, and statewide levels.

Effectively Communicate with Diverse Audiences:
We raise awareness about crucial educational equity matters and solutions within Ed Trust–West's policy and advocacy platform. Furthermore, we strive to amplify our presence in the education ecosystem by increasing our visibility and conveying our impact both regionally and throughout the state.

Support Equitable Policy in Action:
We actively oversee, advocate for, and support the effective execution of essential educational equity reforms at both the state and priority regional levels. Our goal is to enhance the experiences and outcomes of our prioritized students by influencing local policies and practices, and we are ready to pursue further policy changes when needed.

Build Strong Coalitions:
We reinforce partnerships and relationships among state and system leaders, community advocates, and educators. This involves establishing vibrant coalitions and utilizing various communication methods to engage stakeholders in discussions about educational equity priorities, spanning both statewide and priority regional concerns.

Bridge Innovative Research to Policy and Practice:
We utilize a comprehensive approach that combines rigorous research methods with asset-based perspectives to pinpoint the underlying causes of educational inequity. This research informs the evidence-based development of policy solutions and provide data-driven support for engaging stakeholders to advance advocacy efforts.

Focus on Key Regions and Communities:
We build partnerships and cultivate relationships to engage a local network of advocates in key regions across the state. They inform and drive our policy agenda, lead and participate in local advocacy, and engage stakeholders in discussions about regional educational equity priorities. These efforts aim to improve the experiences and outcomes of students of color and multilingual learners, particularly those facing poverty.

Interested in Our Strategic Plan?

We believe an equitable educational system can be created for all students by prioritizing:

  • Multilingual Learner Advocacy
  • Cradle-to-Career Data System