Press Release

In Response to Governor Newsom’s Education Proposal Announcement, Brian Rivas, Senior Director of Policy and Government Relations, issued the Following Statement:

Governor Newsom’s education proposal inspires hope following a year of severe health, economic, and educational adversity due to COVID-19—one that has impacted students of color and students from low-income households most deeply. Today, parents, students, educators, and advocates have reason to celebrate because the Governor is taking bold steps to center equity and transform our education system in his 2021-2022 budget. We applaud the Governor not only for the level of investments proposed, but also for how California’s unprecedented budget windfall will be used to benefit students who are most in need. By reimagining our public schools with the proposal for universal transitional kindergarten, expanded learning for about 2 million of the most marginalized students, community schools and teacher investments, California can bounce back from the pandemic stronger than ever.