Press Release

OAKLAND, CA (May 14, 2010) Today, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger released his revised budget plans for the fiscal year 2010–2011.  Although the Governor proposed no additional cuts that would directly impact the classroom, The Education Trust—West remains deeply concerned about the cumulative effect of two straight years of devastating cuts to public education overall.

It is evident that California’s neediest students and their families will endure the collective brunt of all the budget reductions proposed thus far.  The consecutive loss of education funding, combined with newly proposed decreases to the CalWORKs program and the elimination of Proposition 98 childcare dollars will devastate the social safety nets of the very students that attend our highest-need schools.

As Governor Schwarzenegger and the State Legislature head into budget deliberations, we implore our state leaders to pursue a reasonable and responsible budget that protects our most vulnerable citizens while simultaneously ensuring our public schools receive the funding they need.

“No challenge is ever too great to not do what is best for our children,” stated Arun Ramanathan, executive director of The Education Trust—West, a leading policy, research and advocacy organization that works to close the gaps in opportunity and achievement.  “Our policymakers must do everything they can to protect the services that ensure children are ready to learn and the classrooms where learning occurs.”