Nearly 10 million students are enrolled in California’s schools, colleges, and universities. These students will benefit from the steps California policymakers have taken to shift more of our systems toward equity – including adopting more rigorous K-12 standards, adopting an English learner roadmap, implementing the Local Control Funding Formula for K-12 schools, and creating the Student Success Funding Formula for community colleges. Yet we know there is far more work to be done to dismantle the inequities far too many of our students face.

California needs to make swift and significant policy changes to ensure our schools and colleges provide the best possible education to our state’s underserved students of color, low-income students, and English learners. Our 2018 Policy Agenda provides a clear path forward, delving into specifics on 7 key policy areas in K-12 and postsecondary education:

K-12 Policy Priorities:

  1. Strengthen accountability and offer meaningful support to struggling K-12 schools and districts
  2. Build a strong and diverse K-12 teacher workforce
  3. Address fiscal adequacy and ensure resource equity in K-12 schools and districts
  4. Offer every student a K-12 education that prepares them for college and career opportunities

Higher Education Policy Priorities:

  1. Broaden access and streamline transitions to and through postsecondary education
  2. Ensure college is affordable and provide a pathway for students to graduate without debt
  3. Foster and improve accountability and transparency in our institutions of higher education

Policy Priority Snapshots: K-12 Education

Policy Priority Snapshots: Higher & Postsecondary Education

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