“The Majority Report: Supporting the Educational Success of Latino Students in California” provides an extensive look at how the state’s largest ethnic group is faring at every level of California’s education system. The report finds that while the over 3 million Latino students in K-12 schools are the majority of California’s 6.2 million K-12 population, and nearly 1 million Latino students are in California’s public colleges and universities, these students continue to face troubling inequities from early learning through higher education. California’s Latino students:

  • Attend the nation’s most segregated schools;
  • Are often tracked away from college-preparatory coursework;
  • Are sometimes perceived as less academically capable than their White or Asian peers; and
  • Have insufficient access to early childhood education;
  • Are less likely to feel connected to their school environment;
  • Are more likely to be required to take remedial courses at colleges and universities.

The study also highlights bright spots throughout the state where promising practices are helping Latino students advance academically, dispelling the myth that these gaps cannot be closed, and reiterating the need for more action and urgency from state leaders.

The Majority Report includes a policy timeline and infographic and is accompanied by a data tool looking at achievement gaps by county.

The Majority Report Digital Toolkit

The Majority Report Data Tool

The data tool shows the percentage of students meeting state standards on the most recent annual assessments in English language arts and math.

Check out the data tool for County-by-County 2017 SBAC Results by Race/Ethnicity

Check out the data tool for the County-by-County 2017 SBAC Gap Between Latino and White Students in English Language Arts and Math

Latino Students – 2017 Assessments

White Students – 2017 Assessments

Latino Students – 2017 Assessments

White Students – 2017 Assessments

How Wide is the Gap in English Language Arts?

How Wide is the Gap in Math?