Press Release

In response to Governor Newsom’s Executive Order to focus on COVID-19 response and transparency, Dr. Elisha Smith Arrillaga, Executive Director of Education Trust–West issued the following statement:

“With education equity in crisis, we need State leaders to further their commitment to protecting the state’s most vulnerable students. Governor Newsom’s executive order to empower local education agencies to focus on COVID-19 response and transparency is a positive step in the right direction. Extending the LCAP deadline means local communities continue to have an accountability mechanism to ensure school and district leaders are meeting the needs of students hardest hit by the coronavirus crisis. 

Local communities are key to the long term recovery efforts from the pandemic. That is why it is critical the Governor and state leaders look at long term solutions such as Assemblymember Weber’s AB 1834 and AB 1835 that will require reporting and state tracking of supplemental funds. Budget transparency and accountability is key to making sure supplemental and concentration grants generated by low-income students, English learners, and foster youth are indeed reaching those students.”