California’s landmark Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) dramatically changed the way the state funds its school districts, directing greater resources to districts serving large numbers of low-income students, English learners, and students in foster care. LCFF also shifted substantially more control to school districts and communities. A new report released today from The Education Trust–West describes California’s first-year implementation of LCFF. The new report, Building a More Equitable and Participatory School System in California: The Local Control Funding Formula’s First Year, describes the ways in which districts and community stakeholders engaged with one another to develop plans for their LCFF dollars. The report also provides an analysis of first-year Local Control and Accountability Plans, or LCAPs, with an eye towards how transparently and effectively districts share these plans with the public, along with how they propose to invest in the success of low-income, English learner, and foster care students.