Data Tools

Research-driven data and insights are at the core of our mission to expand equity and educational opportunities for California students and families. We’ve developed a number of data tools to help students, families, advocates, and other key stakeholders navigate our research and learn more about how Ed Trust–West uses datasets to guide our advocacy efforts for a more equitable and just education system in California. We track and study a number of education-related data and statistics, from California’s P-16 framework to digital divide maps and beyond.

Developing robust policy recommendations based on well-researched issues across a broad spectrum of issues in education is critical to advancing equity and bettering educational outcomes for students now and in the future.

Check out our latest data tools:

Data for the People Hub

This tool is a one-stop shop for commonly referenced early education, K-12 and higher education data sources to paint a more comprehensive picture of California’s education landscape.

Mapping the Equitable Implementation of AB 705

This tool is an interactive look at the differences in implementation of AB 705 across California’s community colleges, with recommended actions to end remedial education.

Racial Disparities in Financial Aid Completion

This tool shares school-level financial aid completion rates by race and ethnicity, to help target resources and expand access to financial aid for students.