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Community of Practice Focused on Equitable Course Placement and Completion at California Community Colleges

Overview and Background

EdTrust-West is committed to dismantling the racial and economic barriers embedded in the California education system. Through our research and advocacy, EdTrust-West engages diverse communities dedicated to education equity and justice and increases the political and public will to build an education system where students of color and multilingual learners, especially those experiencing poverty, will thrive.

Since 2001, EdTrust-West has been partnering with school districts and county offices of education by providing tools and services to help educators transform policies, practices, and systems to create access to rigorous and relevant coursework while providing the learning environment and support students need to thrive. The primary engagement with districts is a Systemic Equity Review and Blueprint for Equity Planning Process. EdTrust-West is leveraging this experience to support a similar process at the community college level.

The Opportunity

EdTrust-West will launch a community of practice (CoP) focused on equitable course placement and completion and will provide practical technical assistance to support two teams (cohorts) of administrators, faculty, institutional research and planning professionals, staff, and student leaders from at least 10 California Community College campuses. The Community of Practice will take place in the Fall of 2024, followed by two Implementation Institutes in the Spring of 2025 to support and strengthen efforts to advance equitable placement and completion policies.

The community of practice equity initiative will help community colleges develop and execute strategies to effectively and equitably implement equitable course placement and completion reforms in mathematics, improving outcomes for students of color and multilingual students.

The program will provide a structured process for college teams to develop and implement a comprehensive Blueprint for Equity Implementation Plan. This includes data collection and analysis, expert presentations and coaching, planning, and collaboration using provided templates, tools, and resources, facilitated feedback, and consultations.

Participating teams will attend an in-person kick-off session at EdTrust-West’s Equity Forum on Monday, September 23, 2024, in Oakland, followed by three virtual sessions and two in-person Implementation Institutes.


Teams from colleges in the California Community College system are eligible to apply. Priority will be given to teams from colleges serving rural communities and colleges in Los Angeles County. Teams can include three to six members.

Program Structure

The Community of Practice Equity Initiative is designed to facilitate meaningful collaboration, learning, and development among participating California Community College teams. This structured initiative comprises several key components, ensuring comprehensive support and impactful outcomes for equitable course placement and completion.

Kick-off Session

  • In-person Event at  EdTrust-West’s Equity Forum
    • Date: Monday, September 23, 2024
    • Location: Oakland, CA
    • Participants will attend an in-person session to initiate the community of practice, set expectations, and begin networking with peer institutions.

Community of Practice (CoP) Sessions

  • Virtual Meetings
    • Dates: Three virtual sessions on Tuesdays, October 22, November 12, and December 17, 2024, for the Los Angeles cohort, or Thursdays, October 24, November 14, and December 19, 2024, for the Rural cohort.
    • The three facilitated virtual sessions will focus on developing a comprehensive Blueprint for Equity Plan. These sessions are designed to foster collaboration, share knowledge, and provide direct support through expert facilitation.

Implementation Institutes

  • In-person Institutes
    • Dates: March 12, 2025, and June 4, 2025
    • Following the CoP sessions, two in-person institutes will provide an opportunity for teams to share progress on their Blueprint for Equity Plans. These events will focus on peer learning, sharing strategies, and receiving feedback from experts and fellow participants.

Support and Resources

  • Participants will receive ongoing support throughout the program, including:
    • College-level data reports and analysis to inform their plans.
    • Access to expert presentations and coaching from seasoned practitioners and researchers.
    • Facilitated feedback and consultation sessions to refine strategies and approaches.
    • A suite of templates, tools, and resources to support planning and implementation.

Travel Reimbursement

    • To encourage full participation, travel costs for attending the in-person events on September 23, 2024, March 12, 2025, and June 4, 2025, will be reimbursed, ensuring that teams can engage deeply without the barrier of travel expenses.


While no direct funding is provided, the estimated value of in-kind technical assistance is $75,000 per team, including transportation expenses for in-person sessions.

Application Timeline

Application opens: May 1, 2024

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How to Apply

Apply Here to ensure your college is considered for this transformative work.

Contact Us

For questions, email Denise Luna at [email protected] or Camille Medrano at [email protected].