Recently, the California Department of Education released the results of our state’s college- and career-readiness aligned assessments, the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP). These assessments measure the types of high-level skills students need to be ready for college or a rewarding career. The Education Trust–West team analyzed the results and created a PowerPoint summarizing key data points. One thing is clear: We have to do much better, much faster. Among the key results of the 2019 CAASPP include:

  • Overall, 51% of students are meeting English-Language Arts (ELA) standards and 40% are meeting Math standards; this represents only a 1 percentage point increase in both Math and ELA from last year.
  • At the current rate of Math improvement, all Latinx students won’t be proficient until 2071, and all African American students won’t be proficient until 2118.
  • Across most grades and subjects this year, significant gaps remain between student groups. For example, 1 in 10 English learners met Math standards compared to 4 in 10 English Only students. Four in 10 low-income students met ELA standards compared to 7 in 10 non-low income students.

See below for more on the trends in California’s latest student achievement results:

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