In the spring of 2023, The Education Trust—West convened partners across 15 organizations to discuss Four Big Bets California can make to improve student success and transform how students of color experience K-12 schools. The conversation provided a space for advocates to discuss equitable policies in education and envision what our system would look like if it were designed to serve the students most marginalized by the system. Participants agreed that if done well and done together, these big bets will get us one step closer to this grand vision of transformation, and a system worthy of California’s dynamic and capable youth of color.

The Four Big Bets discussed during the convening include:

  • Emerging bilingual students: Nurture multilingualism in California by ensuring schools have more and better prepared educators with bilingual authorization.
  • Ethnic Studies: Keep CA committed to making ethnic studies a reality by investing in professional development for educators.
  • Dedicated funding for Black students: Commit to the promise of Black student success through dedicated funding.
  • Racially and linguistically diversifying the educator workforce Urge California to finally set clear, measurable statewide goals to diversify and retain educators of color and multilingual educators

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