Press Release

OAKLAND, CA (January 8, 2010) “Today, Governor Schwarzenegger released the details of his budget plans for the fiscal year 2010 – 2011. After two straight years of dramatic and devastating cuts to public education – we applaud the Governor’s realization that we cannot dig our way out of our fiscal crisis by forcing our education systems to bear the brunt of the cuts.”

“That said – we are deeply concerned about cuts to health and human services programs that will undoubtedly devastate the social safety nets of the very students that attend our highest-need schools.  Policymakers should not have to choose between protecting the services that ensure children are ready to learn and the classrooms where learning occurs.”

“Californians deserve a reasonable and responsible budget that protects our most vulnerable citizens and simultaneously ensures our public schools receive the funding they need.”

“Along with his budget proposal, the Governor also released a list of education reforms that have the potential to dramatically impact teacher quality and stability in our highest poverty schools.”

“The Education Trust—West has been one of the few voices raising the critical issue of teacher quality and the disproportionate impact of seniority-based lay off practices in high-poverty, high minority schools in the Race to the Top discussions.  We are deeply encouraged by the Governor’s commitment to ending the vicious cycle of staff turnover that prevents many low-performing schools from ever improving.”

“This is the kind of courageous reform the federal government is looking for in states who wish to receive Race to the Top funding.  The Governor should be commended for pushing California beyond the status quo, and into a new era where student needs override adult interests.”

Arun Ramanathan
Executive Director, The Education Trust—West


Statement by The Education Trust-West on Governor Schwarzenegger’s 2010-2011 Budget Proposal