Source: Education Week

California State University, the nation’s largest public university system, was planning to vote at the end of January on a requirement that incoming freshmen take four years of math or math-focused courses in high school, up from the current requirement of three years.

Instead, the university system, with 23 campuses and nearly a half-million students, will allow an independent panel to study what changing those admissions standards may mean to students who are historically underrepresented in college, including black and Latino students, and students from low-income families.

“At a time when over 80 percent of Black and Latinx high school graduates in California are not supported to complete the coursework necessary for admission to the CSU system, it is imperative that any changes to eligibility requirements are definitively tied to improved success and do not further limit access for students who have the most to benefit from an education at the CSU,” said a statement from The Campaign for College Opportunity and Education Trust-West, organizations that advocated for further study of the increased math requirement.

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