Source: KTVU Fox 2

Going to a state university in California may get a little tougher.

California State University officials may implement tougher admission requirements. CSU officials say they want more students with “quantitative reasoning” skills.

But critics say that extra class could end up hurting low income and minority students.

Dr. Elisha Smith Arrillaga is the executive director of Education Trust-West. She says the admission process is already complicated and adding another requirement would make it more difficult.

“This is a serious equity issue. And if we don’t get this right we’ll be blocking thousands of students especially low income students and students of color from being able to access the CSU,” Arrillaga says.

She wants the CSU board to take a beat to discuss solutions for the real issues facing education.

“Take some time before voting on this proposal and work really closely with their partners on the K – 12 side of the education system to figure out how can we resolve some of the teacher shortage issues, how can we make sure that students have all courses available at their high schools,” Arrillaga said.

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