Thanks to you and our many supporters, The Education Trust—West has helped build a movement among parents, advocates, communities and educators to reform California’s education system so that all of our students can achieve their college and career dreams.

With your support, we published groundbreaking research on teacher effectiveness, school finance, and access to college and career-ready coursework. We exposed inequities harming low-income students and communities of color. We championed innovative practices that are closing opportunity and achievement gaps in local districts and charter schools. We advocated for legislative and policy changes that would create a more equitable education system. And we successfully fought against those policies and special interests seeking to stifle and destroy innovative efforts benefiting students.

But our work is not done. Of our six million students, only a privileged few are graduating from high school with the skills necessary to succeed in college. Only 1 in 20 African-American and Latino students enrolled in Kindergarten will graduate from high school and receive a degree from a UC or CSU. Our future as a state depends on our ability to change these odds.

Fixing this broken college and career pipeline will require dramatic changes in policy and practice at the state and local levels. The best present we can give our children is the opportunity for a better future. Your tax-deductible donation will help us to continue to advance an education reform agenda focused on equity and excellence.

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