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Rachel Ruffalo

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Rachel Ruffalo

Director of Educator Engagement

Rachel helps inform, focus, and coordinate ETW’s work on closing achievement and opportunity gaps, working with schools and districts throughout California.  She contributes to overall research, data collection, and product production of the Practice Team.  Key areas of work include student access to rigorous content (e.g. Common Core State Standards, English Development Standards, college and career preparatory curriculum), effective teaching, and education for equity.

Prior to joining The Education Trust-West, Rachel served in a variety of roles with the goal of closing achievement gaps for underserved students.  She began her career in education as a high school teacher, helping to develop a new interdisciplinary curriculum and school-wide reform initiatives.  Aiming to better serve students who were falling through the cracks in the comprehensive school model, Rachel worked with a team of educators and social service providers to develop two new small, public high schools that offered a rigorous college preparatory curriculum within a personalized, supportive environment.  Rachel went on to serve as an assistant principal of a new small public high school, helping to implement an innovative school model that incorporates environmental stewardship within a college preparatory curriculum.  Before joining The Education Trust-West, Rachel served as a consultant for schools and educational organizations, providing strategic consulting, development assistance, and research-based reports.  Her consulting work has guided clients to effectively use data and research to inform practice and to align programs and policies to core priorities.

Rachel holds a B.A. in history and an M.A. in education (Policy, Organization, and Leadership Studies) from Stanford University and an M.Ed. in teaching and curriculum from Harvard University.