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Fair Share 4 Kids Campaign pushes to ensure low-income students receive the support they need and parents have a voice on how education dollars are spent

OAKLAND, CA (May 6, 2013) – Community groups from across California have come together today to launch the Fair Share 4 Kids Campaign ( to push for equitable school funding based on student need. The coalition, which includes Alliance for a Better Community (ABC), Alliance San Diego, Bay Area Parent Leadership Action Network (PLAN), Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth, El Centro de Acción Social, The Education Trust—West, Public Advocates, Reading and Beyond, Students for Education Reform (SFER), and Youth Together, is currently working in support of Governor Brown’’s plan for a new school finance formula, called the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF).

““For far too long, we have failed to adequately fund our schools and to fund students based on their needs,”” said Luis Santana, Executive Director of Reading and Beyond, located in Fresno. “”Governor Brown’s Local Control Funding Formula plan will fix California’’s school funding system by increasing funding for all districts, closing gaps between rich and poor districts and supporting students with the greatest needs.””

Governor Jerry Brown’’s “”Local Control Funding Formula”” proposal shifts the current way California funds schools from an inequitable system to a simpler, needs-based formula. LCFF will provide every school district with additional dollars and provide supplementary funding for low-income students, English Language Learners, and foster youth.

““The Governor’’s plan will help to fix the inequities in the current system,”” said Randy Jurado Ertll, Executive Director of El Centro de Acción Social, located in Pasadena. “”A system of equitable funding will specifically help low-income students and English Language Learners since most of the time poor students get short changed. With less red tape and more local control, districts will have increased flexibility to use their funding to improve education results and close opportunity and achievement gaps.””

The Fair Share 4 Kids Campaign is calling on the Legislature to support the Governor’s LCFF proposal and work with the Governor to ensure districts use these additional dollars as intended.

““Legislators should support the Governor’’s proposal and work with him to ensure that students will receive the supports they need, districts are held accountable for results, and that students, parents, and communities have a voice in local spending decisions,”” said Chinyere Tutashinda of Youth Together, located in Oakland. ““LCFF is a step forward into the future. It’’s time to stop protecting the failed system of the past and give kids their fair share by supporting LCFF,”” she concluded.

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About Fair Share 4 Kids (
Fair Share 4 Kids is a statewide campaign in support of equitable school funding in California. Supporters include: Alliance for a Better Community (ABC); Alliance San Diego; Bay Area Parent Leadership Action Network (PLAN); Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth, El Centro de Acción Social; The Education Trust——West; Public Advocates; Reading and Beyond; Students for Education Reform (SFER), and Youth Together.