Equipping Each Student with What They Need to Thrive

We believe that to equip each California student with the tools for success, our educational system must champion a diverse group of TK-12 educators, enhance mental health support at the collegiate level, and thoughtfully address the needs of students who are also parents. This comprehensive strategy promises a learning environment that not only promotes academic excellence but also fosters personal growth for all.


What We We're Working On

Championing Mental Health Supports in Higher Education
In pursuing academic excellence within California’s colleges, we cannot overlook the fundamental importance of mental health and wellness. A student’s well-being is integral to their academic achievement. We are committed to ensuring that comprehensive mental health resources and supportive systems are part of the fabric of our higher education institutions. By doing so, we aim to equip students with robust tools to face both the rigors of their studies and life’s mental health challenges with resilience and support.
Supporting Parenting Students
Recognizing the unique challenges parenting students face, our organization prioritizes their support within California’s higher education system. Our advocacy ensures these students receive the necessary resources and understanding, allowing them to thrive academically without compromising their familial roles. By creating a more inclusive and accommodating environment, we aim to empower student parents to pursue their educational aspirations while nurturing their families, thus strengthening the foundation of our community.

Educator Diversity, Recruitment & Retention
California must foster an educational system where teacher diversity echoes the student body, vital for a rich learning experience. Yet, financial hurdles deter many potential educators, underscoring the need for systemic change. Affordable and accessible pathways for teacher recruitment and retention are essential to bring diverse perspectives into the classroom, transforming educators into community pillars and enriching students’ educational journeys.

By the Numbers

“While students of color make up nearly 80% of the California student population, less than 40% of California teachers are people of color.”

Forthcoming Teachers We Need Brief

“More than 1 out of every 10 college students in California is a student parent, and student parents are more likely to be students of color, in particular Black students.”

As of 2021-22, All 10 UC campuses, all 23 CSU campuses, and at least 90 out of 116 CCC campuses provide student mental health services.

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