Community Partners

The Education Trust-West has partnered with various community-based organizations and civil rights groups across California, united by a shared mission to champion educational equity and empower students of color and those from low-income backgrounds. We are grateful to all of the present partners engaged in The CORE Collective, and to our alumni partners, which have included the organizations below:

The mission of the Alliance for a Better Community is to promote the economic prosperity of the Latino community and the Los Angeles region inclusive of an improved quality of life for Latinos in education, health and civic participation.

Founded in 2009, BLU is a full-service college access and success non-profit, working to address issues of educational equity and degree attainment, with a mission to build productive communities, in the Inland Empire.

The Cal State Student Association, also known as CSSA, is a nonpartisan, nonprofit,  student-led organization, with a mission to improve the lives of CSU students by advocating for student needs and engaging students in the systemwide, state, and federal higher education policy making.

Canal Alliance is a nonprofit champion of immigrants who are challenged by a lack of resources and an unfamiliar environment. We believe everyone has the right to achieve their dreams. 

Community Coalition’s mission is to help transform the social and economic conditions in South LA that foster addiction, crime, violence, and poverty by building a community institution capable of involving thousands in creating, influencing and changing public policy.

COPE was founded in started in 2001 with a mission to ​train and develop the capacity of religious and community leaders to protect and revitalize the communities in which they live, work, and worship​ .

Future Leaders of America was founded on the idea that more positive role Latino models were needed in the community for Latino/a youth. Through FLA, youth learn leadership skills with the intent of creating socially conscious leaders that change the landscape of our cities and policies.

In 2008, the Urban Foundation co-founded Kid City, a youth and young adult leadership and college access program that encourages teens and young adults to find their voice, share their stories, and become self-empowered leaders.


Mission Graduates is a nonprofit organization that increases the number of K-12 students in San Francisco’s Mission District who are prepared for and complete a college education.

Parent Organization Network’s mission is to strengthen parents’ abilities to be leaders, support their advocacy efforts, and connect them to a broader network of organizations to effect long-term systemic changes resulting in high-quality education for all.

PIQE is a national organization with evidence-based programs that engage, empower and transform parents to actively engage in their children’s education and strengthen parent-school collaboration.

Restorative Justice League (RJL) is a non-profit organization with a mission to provide a multi-tiered system of a framework and relational approach, establishing the social culture and behavioral supports necessary for schools and communities to effective leaders.

Our community partners are engaged in advocacy efforts across the state:

Meet the Partnerships & Engagement team:

Lange Luntao

Lange Luntao

Director of External Relations
Dr. Mayra A. Lara

Dr. Mayra A. Lara

Director of Southern California Partnerships & Engagement
Megan Kane

Megan Kane

External Relations Associate
Esmeralda Marcial

Esmeralda Marcial

Manager of External Relations