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Tyler Wu

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    Tyler Wu

    Senior Policy Analyst

    Tyler is a proud graduate from the University of Washington and George Washington University. As the first person in his family to graduate from college, Tyler understands the importance of a postsecondary degree and the barriers one must overcome in order to get one. This is the foundation of his commitment to work towards an education system where anyone is able to attend and graduate from college.

    During his undergraduate experience at the University of Washington (UW), Tyler had the honor of serving as the Student Body President, where he oversaw a $1.2 million budget, 72 employees, and over 500 volunteers. This was in addition to representing over 40,000 students to the Washington State Legislature on issues such as food insecurity, funding financial aid, and overturning a ban on affirmative action. After graduating from UW, Tyler moved to DC to better understand how federal policies influence state and local decision-making as it relates to postsecondary education. Along with his graduate studies, Tyler also held internships with the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions, Institute for Higher Education Policy, and College Board which allowed him to gain insight into how government decision-making impacts nonprofits, institutions, and more importantly students. Policy areas Tyler worked on included government accountability on postsecondary institutions, postsecondary data advocacy, and equitable access to college preparation courses. Most recently, Tyler served as an Associate with the Education Design Lab where he worked with colleges and universities to utilize design thinking as a tool to better align student learning to the needs of the workforce.

    Through his experiences, Tyler has only reaffirmed his belief that policy can serve as a vehicle to create a more equitable postsecondary education system. In his spare time, Tyler enjoys hiking, running, and eating Flaming Hot Cheetos.