Press Release

Announcing Equity & Accountability Community Teach-Ins Across California

Publication date: Mar 14, 2017

Join Congregations Organized for Prophetic Engagement (C.O.P.E.), the Mexican American Opportunity Foundation (MAOF), the South Stockton Schools Initiative, and Youth Together, in partnership with Ed Trust–West, for equity and accountability community teach-in events throughout the state.

From the current political climate to California’s redesign of our education accountability system, a lot is going on in the education world these days. Email us to RSVP and join our partner organizations and us for these events covering:

  • What advocates need to know to support educational equity efforts across the state
  • The status of California’s education accountability system redesign
  • How to get engaged in the education accountability state plan process
  • Updates on what new state and federal policies, including the Every Student Succeeds Act, mean for educational equity
  • The latest on the Local Control Funding Formula implementation

The California Collaborative for Educational Excellence is also hosting a series of workshops about the accountability system’s dashboard of information on how schools are doing. For more information, visit the CCEE website here.

Equity & Accountability Community Teach-Ins
Youth Together Teach-In
March 23
Skyline High School
Oakland, California

South Stockton Schools Initiative Teach-Ins
March 27 (English) 6pm
March 31 (Spanish) 9am
Maya Angelou Library
Stockton, California

C.O.P.E. Teach-In
San Bernardino, CA
Location & Time TBD

MAOF Teach-In
Los Angeles, CA
Location & Time TBD