Parents Want Answers

  • How effective are your child’s teachers?
  • Does your child receive the same resources as other California students?
  • Are ineffective education program wasting our tax dollars?

If you can’t answer these questions, you’re not alone.  If you want answers to these questions,

Join the Parents Want Answers Campaign today!

We formed Parents Want Answers to let lawmakers, policymakers, and school administrators know that it’s time for change. California’s schools lack the data to answer basic questions about school effectiveness.

It’s time to build a statewide information system that can tell us what we need to know about our schools and how they can better serve our children.

California needs an information system that tells us:

  • Whether our students are on track to succeed in college and beyond;
  • Which students are struggling—so we can help them before they drop out of school; and
  • Which support programs work—and which do not.

California’s leaders have the opportunity to build that system now, but YOU need to become involved.

Click here to send us e-mail to add your name to our petition and tell California’s policymakers that Parents Want Answers. Include your name, address, and the schools and district your children attend.

Download our easy-to-read brochure to learn what parents need to know about their children’s schools.

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