Giving Tuesday Now – Support Local Ed Trust Partners in California

While Ed Trust is a national nonprofit educational advocacy organization, we’re active in YOUR state, working with our partners on the ground who are carrying out vital work to advance educational equity in Massachusetts. For #GivingTuesdayNow, a special global day of giving, please consider donating to one of the following local organizations below so that they can continue this important work during the coronavirus pandemic.

Alliance for a Better Community

The mission of ABC is to promote economic prosperity of the Latino community and the Los Angeles region, inclusive of an improved quality of life for Latinos in education, health and civic participation.

BLU Educational Foundation

To provide educational and human services programming to youth, adults and organizations in order to build healthy, productive communities.

Canal Alliance

Canal Alliance exists to break the generational cycle of poverty for Latino immigrants and their families by lifting barriers to their success.

Congregations Organized for Prophetic Engagement

Our mission is to engage our community in fulfilling its responsibility to ensure that excellence in education is available to all public school students and that they are prepared for success in college, career, and life.

Future Leaders of America

Vision: FLA envisions a world where every youth regardless of where they come from is empowered to take responsibility for their own destiny by becoming leaders in their own lives, their families, and community.

Mission: Future Leaders utilizes the FLA Way to provide a comprehensive youth empowerment program in our public schools and in the community year-round.

FLA Way: In service to community, Future Leaders of America provides leadership training, educational experiences, and promotes the personal development of youth and families, for the purpose of fostering a greater awareness and participation in responsible leadership in a global and democratic society.

Kid City Hope Place

Kid City cultivates student leadership and self-advocacy so that participants claim their education and become engaged, effective life-long leaders.