Making It Official: Ed Trust-West in Los Angeles

Nearly 200 community members came together to welcome Ed Trust–West at our recent reception in Los Angeles. Ed Trust–West is officially opening an office in the region to strengthen our work on a range of issues, from English learner support to researching college and career readiness best practices. We will have a dedicated team member, Allyson Osorio, who will coordinate our efforts in Los Angeles and deepen collaboration with the many colleges, schools, community organizations, and education advocates fighting for educational justice. Allyson has a long history in the area, having attended LAUSD before her years working on issues of criminal justice and education.

Los Angeles plays a pivotal role in California – and plays a crucial role in the work of educational equity and justice in the state. The people power in Los Angeles is remarkable. LA is a place of student leaders. It was students who led the Chicano student walkouts in 1968. It was students who successfully demanded the creation of the UCLA Cesar Chavez Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies. 

And it continues to be students today at the forefront of the push to make sure schools and colleges are places they can learn and thrive and rightly insisting we address the full cost of attending our state’s colleges and universities.

“Ed Trust–West is thrilled to deepen our educational justice work in Los Angeles,” said Dr. Smith Arrillaga “Our role is to serve the community members and organizations doing this work everyday – we’re here to serve, tell us how!”