Data Equity Walks in Action

A Data Equity Walk is a 45-90 minute activity for any size audience – high school and college students, teachers, district leaders, community members, or others – to engage with education data and discuss equity issues. Participants dive into data that shows education outcomes and exposes gaps between groups of students. The data usually show district or school performance across different measures like student achievement and school climate.


Data Equity Walk with 2018 CHESS Participants

Our latest Data Equity Walk took place at the 2018 California Higher Education Student Summit, an annual conference hosted by the Cal State Student Association. The yearly convening empowers students to become change agents in advocating for an accessible, affordable, and quality system of public higher education for all Californians. We engaged with over 50 student leader participants from over 10 California State University campuses around achievement and opportunity gaps in higher education.

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