College and Career Readiness Digital Toolkit

New research from The Education Trust–West highlights how California schools and districts are implementing equitable college and career readiness approaches that expand access and opportunities for students of color, low-income students, and English learners.

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  • NEW RESOURCE ALERT! Wondering how schools can support #studentsofcolor and #lowincomestudents on their #CollegeAccess journey? Check out the #CollegeAndCareer Action Guides & Videos from @edtrustwest
  • #DidYouKnow that #CA schools and districts are implementing new practices to expand #CollegeAndCareer readiness? @edtrustwest highlights these approaches in new action guides & videos:
  • [email protected]’s #CollegeAndCareer Action Guides outline the steps that some #CA schools and districts are taking to better support #studentsofcolor, #lowincomestudents & #EnglishLearners to graduate ready for college, career, & beyond. Learn more at:
  • Making a-g the default curriculum and adding strong supports to meet students’ needs can help expand #CollegeandCareer readiness. Learn how schools like @SangerHigh_ are implementing this approach at #CCRPromisingPractices
  • Creating meaningful district-community partnerships, which open up opportunities for students to explore post-graduation options, can help expand #CollegeandCareer readiness. Visit for more details. #CCRPromisingPractices
  • Recognizing student efforts through events like #CollegeSigningDay or @ValVerdeUSD and @rvhs_mustang’s Ca$hchella that celebrate #FAFSA and #CADreamAct completion can help expand #CollegeandCareer readiness. For more details visit #CCRPromisingPractices
  • One of the key ways to support #CA students in preparing for #CollegeandCareer is to invest in our #teachers! Learn more about how schools like @SUSD_SangerHigh and @CulverCityHS create a culture of support for teachers: #CCRPromisingPractices 
  • Implementing district-wide data systems can help monitor students’ academic progress and guide policy decisions to ensure students are #CollegeandCareer ready. Learn more: #CCRPromisingPractices 
  • Embedding academic support programs and extracurriculars into a students’ school day allows schools and districts to better meet students’ needs and help students be #CollegeandCareer ready. Visit for more details about what this looks like! #CCRPromisingPractices 
  • #CA is filled with students from diverse backgrounds. When schools and districts create experiences that honor students’ humanity and create a supportive culture, students graduate better prepared for #CollegeandCareer. Learn more: #CCRPromisingPractices 


  • NEW RESOURCE! Wondering what California’s schools can do to ensure they’re adequately preparing students of color, low-income students, and English Learners for college and career? A new set of action guides and videos from The Education Trust–West highlights promising practices from schools and districts where underserved students are graduating college and career ready at high rates. Explore these approaches at:
  • In order to support students of color, low-income students, and English Learners to graduate college and career ready, some California schools and districts have intentionally implemented programs and  increased opportunities and supports to meet students’ needs. Here’s how it’s happening: